is a non-profit corporation with By-Laws granted by Industry Canada and registered in Canada and in the Province of Ontario

Objectives of the Polish National Unity Inc. (from By-Laws)

  • The main objective of the Corporation is to establish a communication and research platform for people interested in learning more about history, cultural achievements and the distinctiveness of communities of Polish descent (hereafter Polonia) and their country of origin, Poland. The Corporation will also foster cooperation among various members of the international Polonia (for example, in North and South America, and Australia). Specific objectives of the Polish National Unity Inc. are as follows:
  • To support integration and cooperation among members of the Polonia with the objectives of contributing to the prosperity of Canada;
  • To support a fair and mutually beneficial cooperation between Canada, Poland, and other countries, where people of Polish descent have settled over the years;
  • To gather and publish information about Poland's past and present achievements, its history and heritage, and its contribution to Canada and other countries;
  •  To create an open discussion forum and stimulate research on various issues related to the above listed objectives;
  • To protect the Polish-Canadian cultural and national heritage;
  • To collect data about the Polonia, its history and activities.